Support AB 60 to help parents earning the new minimum wage to keep affordable child care

Assembly Bill 60 allows parents earning the minimum wage to keep their affordable child care, so they can continue to work and their children can stay in their child care, preschool, or after-school programs. AB 60 “defrosts” statewide child care income guidelines –  frozen since 2007 – by taking into account the increase in minimum wage and cost of living in California.

This measure also streamlines reporting requirements, minimizing disruptions for children, parents, employers and child care providers. Finally, AB 60 allows parents to slightly increase their earnings without losing their affordable child care.

This bill implements the top two recommendations of the Governor-appointed California State Advisory Council on Early Learning and Care’s Minimum Wage Increase Taskforce. Families earning even just 50 cents more per hour have been pushed over the state’s income eligibility guidelines, and are now facing hundreds to thousands of dollars in child care costs.

In raising the statewide minimum wage, California has invested in a more prosperous future for everyone. But that investment will be squandered if working parents lose their child care. There is broad consensus among parents, child care administrators, and advocates that the passage of AB 60 creates a pathway for families to achieve economic security, and is necessary for California working families and children.

AB 60 At Your Fingertips – bill language, how to take action, and more are available.