Can a father pick up a child from child care even if his name is not on the emergency form?


A mother enrolled her child in my child care program and identified a father on the emergency form, but I know they are not married. She wants to take his name off the form now. Will that take away his right to pick up the child?


If they were married when the child was born, or if the father established paternity or otherwise established a formal legal relationship to the child (e.g. adoption), then they share custody, and either parent could pick up the child. This would be true unless a court order or other legal document says otherwise.

This continues to be true even if the parents don’t get along, even if the mother says otherwise, and whether or not the father is identified on the emergency form. Both parents can enroll/dis-enroll, both can pick-up, and both can authorize (or prevent) others to pick-up.

However, if the father never established paternity or any other legal relationship to the child, and the parents were not married when the child was born, then the only person with custody rights is the mother. In that case, the father’s right to pick up the child is subject to the mother’s authorization, and if she removes his name from the form, he cannot pick up the child.

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