What We Do

Child Care Funding and Policy

The Child Care Law Center provides legal expertise on discrete cutting-edge policy developments that affect child care. In order to help policymakers and advocates work effectively to improve access to quality child care, we answer questions and provide analysis of state and federal budgets, laws, regulations, and initiatives.


The Child Care Law Center, in partnership with legal aid attorneys, undertakes impact litigation to protect the rights of low-income families to child care and the rights of low-income child care providers to their livelihood. A case filed in 2010, Parent Voices Oakland v. O’Connell, helped restore child care funding for the families of more than 50,000 children across California.

Community Legal Education, Information and Referral

We provide our legal expertise directly to the community in three main ways.

  • Resources

We have a series of publications that we have written on child care legal issues.  Please visit our resources page.

  • Trainings

We conduct trainings for parents, child care providers, and legal aid attorneys to expand understanding and awareness of child care legal issues. Topics include child care subsidies, licensing regulations, care for children with special needs, and providing family child care.

  • Legal Information and Referral Service

We provide legal information and referrals to parents, child care providers, and other members of the community about laws relating to child care through our Legal Information and Referral Service. We address a variety of topics, including the rights to child care of parents in welfare-to-work programs, inclusion of children with disabilities and special health care needs in child care, child care subsidies, and rights and responsibilities of child care providers. Please visit our Get Help page to access our Legal Information and Referral Service.

Technical Assistance and Support to Legal Aid Attorneys

As a support center for California legal aid programs, the Child Care Law Center offers a wide range of services to keep legal aid attorneys informed of constantly changing child care laws, regulations, and policies. Our familiarity with front-line legal work allows us to tailor our services to meet the needs of legal aid attorneys. In our day-to-day work, we support attorneys and advocates who work in legal aid programs by answering their questions about child care law, conducting trainings on relevant issues, publishing manuals and other materials, informing them about new legal developments, and co-counseling. These relationships also give us a unique window into emerging child care issues in low-income communities.